Troubleshooting A Blocked Septic Waste Pipe


A blocked water pipe between your home and septic tank can be a frustrating and messy problem. It's important to fix it quickly since raw sewage also poses a health concern. Signs of a Blocked Waste Pipe Blockage symptoms usually surface inside your home first. Wastewater will come back up drains and toilets, or the drains may not empty at all if the blockage is severe. Often, bathtub or floor drains are the first place backup flow appears.

24 February 2021

Why Is PEX Such A Common Plumbing Choice For New Homes?


For years, copper and PVC were the go-to options for plumbing. Lately, however, plumbers have begun using a new material known as PEX. This material, which is more formally known as cross-linked polyethylene, is especially common in new construction homes. But why? PEX can be installed at almost any phase of construction. When a home is being built, the various contractors need to work together to ensure each step is done on schedule.

22 January 2021