2 Common Home Plumbing Mistakes


The plumbing in your home can be easy to not think about when everything is going right. However, if you want everything to continue to function well in regards to your plumbing, you need to make sure you avoid two of the most common plumbing mistakes. Treating Your Garbage Disposal Like a Garbage Can One of the sinks that seems to get clogged up the most in homes is the kitchen sink, and that is because people don't treat the kitchen sink with the respect that it deserves.

5 August 2019

Quick Tips For Fixing A Burst Pipe With A Push-Fit Pipe Fitting


Did a pipe just burst in your home and start causing water to come flooding in? If so, you're likely scrambling to figure out how to fix it. Thankfully, you can repair a burst pipe fairly quickly with a special part known as a push-fit pipe fitting. Here are some tips to get your copper or PEX plumbing patched. The Fitting One of the easiest ways to fix a burst pipe is with a push-fit pipe fitting.

23 May 2019