Signs Of Plumbing System Problems To Know Before Buying A Home


If you are planning to purchase an older home, it may be riddled with plumbing issues. This represents a plumbing issue that you need to be aware of prior to purchasing the home. It is best to know if plumbing upgrades will be needed. The cost can be factored into how much you can expect to repair or upgrade before the day you move in. Even if the plumbing system does not require an immediate upgrade, it may have problems that in the future will not be able to be postponed until a later date. Taking a proactive measure to inspect the integrity of the plumbing system could save you money on the home purchase because you might be able to negotiate a lower buying price. The following points represent a few things that suggest a property has an aged plumbing system.

Green Patches in the Lawn

Most property owners want green lawns. However, plumbing systems with sewer line issues may have patches in the lawn that are noticeably greener than the rest of the lawn. Lawns with this issue may have soggy patches that represent where the leaks are located. Tree roots may extend into plumbing systems and cause sewer line damage. An aged plumbing system may deteriorate over time losing its strength and corrosion may also play a role in sewer line breaks. 

Pipe Discolorations

When you perform a walk-through in the property, you will likely be allowed to look around. Pay attention to exposed pipes. Potential signs of a failing plumbing system might include signs of rust. This can be in the form of a brownish-red color or rust flaking away from pipe surfaces. If there are plastic and metal pipes and fittings in the plumbing system, the plastic portions may be stained. 

Discolored Water

Assuming that the water is on in the property. Do not be afraid to ask to turn it on. If it has not been turned on in a while, it might not run clear initially. However, after a little while, discolorations should clear up. Discolored water problems can be related to things that extend beyond the property. For example, it might be related to the water supply. A plumber can perform water testing and inspections to determine the nature of the problem. If there is a safe resolution, they can make suggestions and implement an appropriate fix. 

A plumber is a good resource to use for plumbing inspections. They can determine if you can postpone upgrades and repairs. If immediate repairs are needed, they can complete those. They can also help you plan a plumbing system upgrade project. This type of project may involve a complete overhaul or replacing certain components. 


29 November 2020

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