Foul Odors Coming From Your Washing Machine? It Could Be The Drain


Washing machines are designed to get clothes clean, so it can be downright disgusting to smell a bad odor coming from your washer. While unpleasant, it's unlikely that the smell is impacting your clothing, so don't panic. However, you should have this problem tackled. Here's what's likely going on.

What to Try First

Some washing machines get a little stinky from use. If you haven't tried getting the smell out of the washer first, do so. Many products now exist to clean washing machines—you basically run the load with a special pod or detergent and no clothing so that the washing machine cleans itself. However, if the smell remains even after using one of these products, chances are the issue is your drain, not the washing machine.

How Drains Get Stinky

Washing machines, like all other water-using appliances, have a drain pipe attached to them. This pipe is responsible for handling all the water and soap that comes out of your washing machine. For most people, the drain won't cause any issues, but if you tend to wash very dirty or soiled clothing, you might not be so lucky.

Drains can start to stink simply because of what's going down them on a regular basis. You don't have to look further than a stinky sink to understand this. When dirt, skin oil, and other substances on clothes (like food grease) go down the drain, it may not necessarily wash out all the way to the sewer. Sometimes these substances can adhere to the inside of the drain and can cause a smell as they start to break down. This is likely what you're noticing coming from your washing machine.

What to Do About It

Unlike other drains in your house, you can't just dump a drain cleaner into your washing machine. Doing so would likely damage your washing machine and could even harm your plumbing. Instead, you're going to need to contact a plumber.

Your plumber will come and assess the situation by examining the inside of your washing machine and then disconnecting it from the drain. If the smell is coming from the drain, they'll be able to clean it out for you by using a process called hydro jetting. This uses a pressurized stream of water to blast out substances that have gotten stuck to the walls of the drain. It's effective for clearing away clogs, but it's also useful for getting rid of bad smells and what causes them, too.

If you have unusual odors in your washing machine or a similar problem, contact a plumber in your area that offers drain cleaning services.


20 March 2020

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