Four Types Of Professional Plumbers And What Each Typically Does


Plumbers have professional sub-types, which is a very similar hierarchy to HVAC contractors. Each of these sub-types handles a variety of different services. The following discusses these sub-types and what each type typically does. 

Residential Plumbers

Residential plumbers install residential plumbing. This seems like a simple enough category until you realize that these are the same plumbers that will fix broken toilets, backed up drains, wastewater in your basement, septic system problems in the house, laundry washer connections and water flow problems, ice and water machines in refrigerator doors, and all of the pipes that run throughout your home. From the moment a house is under construction to the moment when you experience your first leaking faucet or leaking pipe, residential plumbers are the ones to call to fix it. 

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers handle plumbing for stores, businesses, skyscrapers, and multi-family dwellings like apartment complexes. Most of it is plumbing for toilets and sinks in these buildings, but it can also be plumbing for boilers for heating as well as larger pipes for professional dry cleaning companies and laundromats. Think "business" or "office" when you think of commercial plumbers, and then you know exactly when and where to call for their services. 

Industrial Plumbers

These are the plumbers that manage the installation and repair of the really big pipes. Giant pipes zigzagging through chemical plants and paper mills and giant pipes for the transport of crude oil to refineries are what these plumbers are called in to do. They need to have some good welding skills, know how to use a crane to lift sections of massive pipe into place, and sometimes even have a diver's license if they are going to be installing pipe or repairing pipes underwater. 

Cross-Categorical Plumbers

Cross-categorical plumbers, or general plumbers, are able to do most or all of the above. They choose to work on the jobs they want to do, and therefore they may do mostly residential and some commercial plumbing, mostly industrial and some commercial plumbing, or a mix of any of the three. Unlike the category-specific plumbers above, these plumbers do not typically advertise any specific kinds of plumbing, so you will have to ask them if they can and will do a particular plumbing job for you. When it comes to emergency plumbing needs, too, you are most likely to get a general plumber or plumber's apprentice during the after-hours requests for emergency service. 

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4 December 2019

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