Signs Your Septic System Needs To Be Inspected For Repair Needs


Your septic system takes care of the wastewater produced in your home and carries it away through the tank and drain field. Your tank will last roughly 40 years, and generally needs to be pumped out every other year. Drain fields last about 20 years, and you can eventually reuse an old drain field once your second one is no longer of use. Your septic system can run well for years without any problems, but there are signs to watch out for that indicate your septic system needs repair. From bright green grass over your drain field to problems with how slow your drains move, call for septic repair services as soon as you notice one of these signs of problems.

Your Tank Is Almost Full

When your tank gets more use than normal and solids go down your drains that shouldn't, your tank can fill up faster than normal. You may notice an odor coming from your drains, or see that your drains move slowly. This usually is an indication that your septic tank needs to be cleaned out. You might also have a problem with a clog in your main line connecting the home to your septic tank. Drainage problems are always a reason to call for septic repair services.

You Have Puddles Without Rain

When a drain field is starting to fail, you may find puddles in your yard when it hasn't rained. This is wastewater coming up from your septic system to the surface of your yard. The water will have an odor that is hard to miss. If you find standing water in your yard and you have a septic system, get the help you need immediately.

Bright Green Grass 

If you suddenly have patches of bright green grass in your yard, this can indicate problems with your septic system. Bright green grass is getting nutrients from the wastewater coming from your home, and it is not draining away from the property as it is supposed to.

When you are experiencing problems with your septic tank, you may hear gurgling in your pipes. Your toilet can have problems flushing, and you may notice air bubbles coming up into the toilet bowl. Bad odors and water backup into your home further indicate that something is wrong with your septic system. If you see signs that your septic system is in distress, it's important to call for repair immediately to avoid a system failure.


21 September 2019

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