2 Common Home Plumbing Mistakes


The plumbing in your home can be easy to not think about when everything is going right. However, if you want everything to continue to function well in regards to your plumbing, you need to make sure you avoid two of the most common plumbing mistakes.

Treating Your Garbage Disposal Like a Garbage Can

One of the sinks that seems to get clogged up the most in homes is the kitchen sink, and that is because people don't treat the kitchen sink with the respect that it deserves.

To start with, if you have a garbage disposal, don't be deceived by the name. It may be called a garbage disposal, but it has no relation to a real garbage can. You can't just put whatever you want down your garbage disposal. As a matter a fact, a lot of the items you may want to put down your garbage disposal can clog it up.

Treat your garbage disposal as more of a back-up system; it is there to break up the food that accidentally gets into your sink and down the drain. It is not there to break up food that you purposely allow down the drain. Put all your food scraps in the trash or compost, not down the drain.

This will save you from having to deal with clogged drains in your kitchen when you can least handle that type of pluming emergency.

Flushing Whatever You Want Down the Drain

Next, you need to be careful with what you flush down your toilet. If you grew up flushing whatever you wanted down the toilet, you are going to need to learn some new habits.

Your toilet is designed to handle your own waste, as well as toilet paper. It is not made to flush baby wipes, tampons, napkins, dental floss, or any other bathroom created waste product. It is only made to handle toilet paper and human waste. All that other stuff needs to go in your trash. If seeing that trash grosses you out, then get a trash can with a lid, and take the trash out every few days, not once a week.

Limiting what you flush down the drain to the necessities will allow you to help protect the integrity of your toilet and allow you to avoid dealing with a backed-up or overflowing toilet, which is never fun to handle.

What you put down your drain matters. If you want to avoid a backed-up kitchen sink, put as much food waste as possible in the compost and the trash, and only use the garbage disposal to clean things up. Be careful with your toilet, and only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Add a garbage can to your bathroom for all other waste.


5 August 2019

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