Your Questions Answered About Portable Toilet Units


Access to public toilets isn't usually available when in remote locations, such as when constructing a home in a rural area. It also takes time to install a functional plumbing system so a toilet can be installed during the process of constructing a rural home. If you and your contractors are currently experiencing such a situation, there is an easy resolution to the problem. Locate the nearest portable toilet rental company in your area to find out which types are available that can meet the needs of your crew. If you have any questions about renting a portable toilet, continue reading this article.

How Many Toilets Are in a Unit?

There are a variety of portable toilet unit types that you can choose between for your construction crew. If the crew isn't very large, you might be able to rent a unit that comes with only one toilet. However, a unit that has more than one toilet is ideal if your crew is large. A large unit will allow more than one contractor to use the restroom at a time, such as when everyone takes breaks at the same time and might need to relieve themselves.

How Long Can a Toilet Be Rented Out?

The amount of time that you are able to keep a portable toilet unit depends on what you pay for. You can likely keep possession of the unit during the entire process of constructing your house. If you don't pay for a sufficient amount of rental time, there might be the possibility of extending your time. The ability to extend your rental time will likely depend on whether or not another customer has requested the same unit type and how many the rental company has available.

Does a Portable Toilet Flush?

Whether or not a portable toilet will be able to flush depends on the model that you choose. There are models available that are able to be flushed just as toilets that are attached to plumbing systems. The only different is that the waste flows into a holding tank rather than going through a plumbing system.

Will There Be a Sink Available to Use?

It is possible for you to rent a portable toilet unit that comes equipped with a sink. You an also choose a unit that comes with the ability to use both hot and cold water. Choosing a unit that has a sink will make it easy for your crew to wash their hands during the construction process, as it can be a dirty job.


29 November 2018

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