Hot Water Heater Issues


It's important as a home owner for you to be ready to deal with all the issues that can come up with your home. One of the things you may find yourself dealing with is hot water heater issues. This article will help to give you a good understanding of some of the common problems water heaters can suffer from that need addressing.

You can't get hot water

If you go to turn on the hot water only to find none comes out of the faucet, then this tells you the hot water heater isn't doing its job at all. There are a few reasons why this may happen. One reason may be that the fuse got tripped and needs to be reset in the fuse box. Another reason for an electric hot water heater not working at all would be if it needed to be reset by pushing the red reset button on the unit itself. With a gas-powered hot water heater, you may need to relight the pilot light if it stops working completely. A couple more major reasons why your hot water heater may not work at all is if a vital part of the unit broke, or even if the unit itself broke to the point of needing full replacement.

You're not getting very much hot water

If you turn on the hot water only to find that it goes cold sooner than it used to or sooner than you think it should, then there are a couple things that should be considered. The first thing you want to check is to make sure that you have the hot water heater set on a hot enough temperature. Also, if the water heater lost power for a certain length of time, then it will take time in order for it to heat the water up long enough for it to last as long as it normally would. If you often find you run out of hot water too fast then your hot water heater may be too small for your home and you should look into having a larger one put in that can handle the load.

Your hot water has a bad odor

If you notice your hot water suddenly has a bad odor to it, then it may be that the water heater should be drained and refilled. This will get rid of sediment buildup and other issues with things like a high concentration of sulfates in the tank. Draining the tank can also help with things like new sounds it has been making and it running more efficiently.

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12 October 2018

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