Super Jets: A Sewer Cleaning Method That Is Worth The Price


When you feel as though you are constantly dealing with a clogged sewer line in your home, maybe the problem is not being fully addressed the first one or two times. Maybe you have tree or shrub roots that are cutting off the sewer pipe. Maybe someone is flushing non-toilet items a lot.

Whatever the cause, you might want to look into hydro-jetting as a sewer cleaning solution. It can be a little expensive, with some plumbers charging $600 or more, but it is worth the cost. Additionally, some plumbers charge significantly less, which means that hydro-jetting your sewer line may cost no more than an average, everyday service call. Here is how this process works.

Long, Slinky Hose with a Hydrojet Head

When you order a hydrojet cleaning, a truck rolls up on your driveway. Similar to the water pump trucks used by firefighters, these hydrojet trucks have holding tanks for water and a pressurized system for water delivery on-board. They also have attached hoses, except that these hoses have a bullet-shaped head with an opening in the top. This is the hydrojet head, from which the water is sprayed into and through the blocked pipe.

Going Through the Above-Ground Sewer Pipe

Depending on the type of foundation you have, the plumber or technician may access the sewer pipe via a port in your yard for a slab foundation, or through a sewer stack pipe in your basement. When these ports are opened, the bullet-headed hose is sent through the pipeline at least a couple meters, or until the hose hits a blockage. Then the water on the truck is turned on, and the hose begins blasting its pressurized water into the pipeline. The plumber/technician continues to feed the hose through the sewer line until it appears to encounter no further blockages.

Even the Most Stubborn Blockages Are Cleared

If you have some thick tree roots blocking the pipe, or mats of human hair so thick that it looks like a woolly mammoth took a bath in your tub, hydrojetting blasts all of this stuff to bits. The bits then flow down to the city sewer line, where they enter the sewer lines to the treatment plants. The blockages are no longer your problem, and the bits of blasted stuff are filtered from the water at the wastewater treatment facility. The results are long-lasting, too, and frequently the work is guaranteed.

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1 July 2018

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