Why Is My House So Cold?


Are you having a problem with keeping your home at a desired temperature? There are a few different problems that could be at the root of this situation. Here are some things to check on.

Your Insulation Is Bad

It may be that your home's insulation isn't sufficient enough to keep heated air in and cold air out. As your heater works to heat the home, a lot of energy can be dissipated if there are cracks in your home's insulation. You could hire an energy auditor to look for areas where the foundation is lacking in your home. Spending your money on insulation is way better than repeatedly having a huge heating bill and not getting the problem fixed.

Your Thermostat Is Broken

It could also be an issue with your thermostat. Perhaps the temperature readings wrong. That can happen if the thermostat is broken, if another nearby heat source is giving it a false temperature reading, or if it's not correctly programmed to your heater. A heating repair specialist can diagnose each of these issues during a home inspection. There might be a quick correction to your problem that doesn't require any new parts.

Your Furnace Is Malfunctioning

Your furnace might also need some work. Some routine problems can cause an inefficient furnace, such as dirty combustion chambers or filters, a weak pilot light, or low fuel. But other furnace maintenance issues, including crack parts or broken motors, may require a bigger repair. In any case, it's important to have your heater checked out any time you suspect a furnace maintenance issue, since some heater issues can be dangerous. Signs that it's time for a furnace repair include unusual noises or smells and faulty behavior.

Your HVAC System Is Damaged

The problem could also be related to your HVAC design. If you have an area of your home where the HVAC system is damaged, it can let air out of the system so that it never reaches your heating vents. That is one way to have major inefficiencies in your system, where the home never gets up to temperature but you are left with a large heating bill. Choose a heating repair specialist, like Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc, that can also diagnose issues with your HVAC system to take care of two birds with one stone. While there are many possible sources of heating trouble, an inspector can often narrow in on the problem quickly and get you an estimate.



28 February 2017

Different Ways to Remove a Clog From Your Drains

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