Kitchen Clogs: Know These Common Causes And Prevention Tips


A clogged kitchen sink can cause the activity in your kitchen to come to a halt. It makes it difficult to prepare food, clean dishes, and even wash your hands. That's why you should know some natural ways to prevent drains from becoming clogged, and why it happens in the first place.

Drain Cleaning Methods

It's hard to stop all food waste from going down a drain. The trap will catch the large pieces, but small particles of food can find their way through and contribute to clogs. Stop clogs from happening by taking some preventative steps.


Get into the habit of pouring some vinegar into your kitchen drains every three months. All it takes is about a cup vinegar to do the trick. The vinegar works because it has acetic acid in it, which is what helps break down grime, soap scum, and anything else that is in the drain that contributes to clogs. Let the vinegar sit in the drain for about ten minutes, then flush the drain pipe with some hot water from the tap.

This will create a smell, but it will quickly go away. If the smell is a problem, pour lime juice into the drain afterward.

Mild Abrasives

A combination of baking soda (5 tbsp) and sea salt (1 tsp) can do wonders for a drain. Pour the mixture in all at once, and then allow it to work its way into the substances in the pipe for a couple minutes. Flush the drain with hot tap water, and you'll be good to go. Salt and baking soda are mild abrasives, and will lift off the food particles and grime in a drain.

Using baking soda and salt also contributes to preventing clogs because they have a pH factor that is positive. Bacteria will need negative pH to grow, and using these natural ingredients ruin the environment for that to happen. It also does not leave an odor like vinegar would.

Clog Causes

In addition to using the previously mentioned drain cleaning methods, clogs can be prevented by making a few adjustments to how you use your sink. Avoid pouring any grease down the drain, especially when it is hot. Grease will cool and become a thick substance that is known to cause major problems in kitchen drains. You should avoid putting sticky foods into your sink, like dried cereal, fruits, and breads.

For help unclogging a kitchen drain, reach out to a local area plumber like Mr Rooter.


15 December 2016

Different Ways to Remove a Clog From Your Drains

Having a clogged sink, toilet or shower drain is bad. However, you may feel the problem is worse if you don't have a plunger or snake. But what many people do not realize is that there are many items they have in their home that they can use to remove a clog from a drain. A wire hanger or baking soda and vinegar can both be used to free these clogs. My name is Mark and my goal with this website is to educate people on ways to remove clogs so they do not have to call a plumber for something minor that they can do themselves. Just remember that sometimes a plumber will know best, so don't be too stubborn.