Having Christmas at Your House and Hate Your Bathroom? 2 Remodeling Ideas


If you are having Christmas at your home this year, one room that will be used a lot is the bathroom. If you hate the way your bathroom looks right now, this would be a great time to do a bathroom remodel. Below are two ideas on how you can do this. You can determine whether these bathroom renovations would be right for you.

Shower with Glass Doors

If it is in your budget, you should consider installing a new shower with glass doors. This will make your bathroom look elegant, and you will be surprised at the difference it will make. The doors are generally made with tempered glass. This is because this type of glass is safer than standard glass. Tempered glass is impact resistant, which means if it does break it will break in small pieces instead of large pieces of glass with sharp edges.

You can choose a frameless shower door that has one pane that swings out. Bi-fold shower doors are also available. This type of door works well if you have a small bathroom, as the panels fold inside the shower instead of out.

Curved glass shower doors are also available, and this gives you more space inside the shower. With these doors, there is a frame at the bottom and top.

New Vanity

If you have had your bathroom vanity for some time, consider replacing it. If you choose to do this, first consider the color and finish you want. Vanities are available in wood, metal, or glass and come in colored finishes like brown, white, black, or expresso. You can choose wood and paint it any color you like. Types of wood that are often used are maple, oak, pine, or birch.

Pedestal sinks take up little space and looks modern and neat. Pedestal sinks can fit well no matter what size bathroom you have.

There are free-standing vanities, which are a combination of a pedestal sink and vanity. If you choose only a pedestal sink, you will not have any storage space. This is why some people like the combination of the two because it allows them to have a pedestal sink but has storage space.

Once you decide on the type of shower and vanity you would like, do not attempt to install them on your own. If you do not do the job correctly, you would likely have to make some large repairs. Instead, contact a plumber to install the fixtures for you.


15 December 2016

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