What The Strange Sounds In Your Plumbing Mean


If you are noticing strange noises from your fixtures and pipes, you may have an underlying plumbing problem that could turn out to be costly. Read on to learn what various plumbing noises could mean and how you can fix them.

Piping sound in the pipes

Are your pipes reverberating through your walls and making a piping sound? This is a common phenomenon caused by too much pressure in the pipes. When you close a faucet, the flow of water stops abruptly, causing a pressure wave to slam into the pipes. This often causes them to bang against the walls, producing a high-pitched noise. Ignoring high water pressure can result in cracked pipes and damaged faucets.

The solution to this problem is to install an anti-hammer valve into affected taps so as to regulate water pressure or call in a plumber to install a pressure regulator at your home's water main. If reduced pressure doesn't stop the racket, then you could be looking at loose pipes that should probably be sleeved so they stop banging against the wall studs.

Squealing taps/pipes

Taps can often produce a squealing noise when the washer is damaged. To stop this annoyance and probably avert a leak further down the line, dismantle the tap and replace the washer with a new one.

If the noise from the tap is more of a squeak than a squeal, you are probably looking at a tap stem that needs lubricating. To do this, unscrew the tap handles and place some grease on the stem. This allows the handle to move smoothly and prevents damage to the fitting due to constant movement.

If your pipes are the squealers, then the issue is probably caused by water pressure. As water moves from a large pipe to a small one, the pressure produced often causes a screaming noise. The force can damage pipes and fittings, necessitating costly replacements. This can often be fixed by locating the pressure valve on your water main and adjusting it until the noise stops.  If this doesn't work, your pressure valve could be failing and may need to be replaced.

Strange noises from your plumbing are often a sign of a developing problem that needs immediate attention. If you notice any strange noises in your taps, toilets or sinks, call in a plumber as soon as you can for diagnosis and repair.  You should also schedule regular inspections so your plumbing can be checked for leaks, clogs and high water pressure. 


9 December 2016

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