Replacing A Pump? A Few Features To Consider


If you need to replace a pump in your home, whether it is to get the water out of your well or to clear the water in your basement, you should consider the different features that are available. The idea is to make moving your water around as easy as possible. Here are a few of the extra features to look for on your new pump.


Some pumps require you pour a bit of water directly into the pumping chamber to get things started. A self-priming pump does not need this. This is especially handy if there is not always water for it so that it runs dry. When you have water in your basement after a rain, once the pump removes it all, it will need to be primed again when water accumulates again. However, you can keep a self-priming pump in position and on to keep the water from building up again.

Backup Battery

When you need to keep an area dry or keep water coming into the house, you need to keep an electric supply to it to kee it running. If you have a power failure, you will be without water unless your pump has a backup battery. This can also be handy if the area with water has no electric outlet nearby or if the pump is not submersible

Adjustable Speed

If the water is coming into your house or an area faster than you can remove it, having a second, faster speed on the pump can be very handy. In addition, you do not want to keep a pump running at high speed if it is not necessary. Doing this can cause the motor to seize so that the pump will not work at all. The idea is to keep the water going out as fast as it is coming in. If there is an accumulation of water, have the pump set to the high speed to remove it, and then adjust the speed to accommodate the flow of entering water.

Keeping the water flowing where you want it and out of the areas you don't want it is not a hard thing to do. However, you need to have the right pump. With different features in place, you can put the pump in, start it up, and then basically forget about it. If you have any questions, ask a professional like Washington Pump & Drilling.


1 December 2016

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