Need A New Hot Water Heater? Consider A Tankless Option


Once the gas or electric heating element inside your hot water heater breaks, it's a problem that can be fixed by replacing the broken part. When the tank has a leak in it because it rusted through, there is no other option than to replace the entire tank. For homeowners that have a very old hot water heater, it may feel overwhelming to see all the different choices that are available these days. You do not need to feel forced to swap out your old water heater with the exact same kind. You can actually replace it with whatever you want. Here are some reasons to consider a tankless water heater instead of a traditional one.

A Lot Of People Live In Your Home

The problem with a traditional water heater, especially a small one, is that a big household can really go through the stored hot water fast. This is especially true if everyone is showering and getting ready in the morning. If you find yourself constantly running out water that is hot, a tankless water heater will solve that problem for you.

It heats the water up on demand, so it will always be hot when you need it. Many homeowners prefer this type of hot water heater for this reason.

You Have A Single Bathroom

While limitless hot water is great in theory, it only works if one person is using it at a time. A home with multiple bathrooms with multiple people showering at once could run into a problem where there is not enough hot water to go around simultaneously. This is why a tankless water heater will work best for those that have a single bathroom, since nobody should really need more hot water than what the unit can supply at any given time.

You will still need to make considerations, such as not using multiple hot water using appliances at the same time, but your battles over the hot water in the bathroom will be solved.

You Want To Save Energy

Since you are not spending money to heat a tank of hot water even when it's not in use, you'll find that a tankless water heater is more energy efficient. This is great for those that are environmentally friendly, and want to spend more money up front if it means you'll do more good for the environment.

For more info on tankless hot water heaters, speak to a plumber in your area, such as DBR Plumbing.


30 November 2016

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