Advantages And Disadvantages Of Condensing Water Heaters


Condensing water heaters are an alternative type of water heater that are made to connect to a gas powered furnace. They work by taking the excess vented fumes from the furnace and transferring the heat still contained in them to the water before heating the water themselves. Due to this unique method of operation, condensing water heaters carry a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages over other types of water heaters. Understanding what a condensing water heater has to offer your home can help you decide if it meets your water heating needs.

Advantages of Condensing Water Heaters

Energy Efficiency: As condensing water heaters take the residual heat from the gases from a natural gas powered furnace, the water that they receive is already slightly warmed up. This means that condensing water heaters have to use less energy to power their heating element to warm up your water, helping your reduce your overall amount of energy usage. Besides helping to reduce your environmental impact, this also helps you save money on your energy bills over time.

Speed and Convenience: As the water comes into the water heater already preheated, condensing water heaters are able to provide warm water very quickly, as the heating process does not take very long. Further, the speed at which these types of water heaters are able to operate means that you can enjoy hot water for an extended period of time when compared to traditional water heaters, as the recovery rate is greatly increased.

Disadvantages of Condensing Water Heaters

Cost: The main drawback associated with condensing water heaters is their high initial cost. Depending on the unit chosen, these types of water heaters can represent a huge investment when compared to traditional electric or gas powered water heaters. However, this is somewhat offset by the fact that condensing water heaters will reduce your energy bills over the long run, which can eventually pay for the cost of the unit.

Gas Furnace: As they make use of the remaining fumes from a gas powered furnace, these types of water heaters can only be installed in homes that make use of gas powered central heating units. This reduces the accessibility of condensing water heaters, as not every homeowner will be able to install them. Further, even if a home does have a gas powered furnace, a connection still has to be built between the furnace and water heater, increasing the installation cost.


30 November 2016

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