4 Tips for Replacing Your Home's Heating and Cooling Unit


Replacing a home's heating and cooling system can be a very big financial investment, so it is important to be diligent when hiring a heating and cooling contractor to complete the job. Most people don't know a lot about residential heating and cooling systems, so it is important to work with an experienced contractor who can assist you. If you plan to replace your home's heating and cooling system in the near future, use the following tips:

Provide Information

Before getting quotes from heating and cooling contractors, make sure you find out the make and model number of your current unit and gather any maintenance records that you may have. It is also a good idea to make a list of any problems your heating and cooling unit currently has, and write down if there are specific rooms that have issues warming up or cooling down to the proper temperature. This information will help the heating and cooling contractors better understand your needs.

Look for Deals and Rebates

Since a heating and cooling unit can be a very expensive purchase, most homeowners want to find ways to save as much money as possible. Before hiring a heating and cooling contractor and purchasing a new unit, take the time to research rebates and special deals. It is not uncommon for utility companies or the manufacturers of heating and cooling units to offer substantial rebates if you buy an energy efficient unit. In addition to saving money on the initial purchase, buying an energy efficient unit will help reduce the cost of your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Look for a Home Evaluation

A reputable heating and cooling contractor will spend a significant amount of time evaluating your home before providing a written price quote. It is a good idea to hire a contractor that inspects your current insulation, the energy efficiency of your windows, and the size of your current heating and cooling unit before giving you a bid. A thorough home evaluation can ensure that you get the best heating and cooling unit for your home.

Ask for a Clear Contract

Prior to any work being done or any money exchanging hands, make sure you get a clear contract from your heating and cooling contractor. The contractor should include and itemized price list, the model number of the new heating and cooling unit that will be installed, and a payment schedule.  

For more questions about these or other steps you should take before replacing your HVAC unit, talk to a company like Erickson Plumbing & Heating.


11 November 2016

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