3 Signs You Might Have A Water Leak


There are obvious signs your plumbing has sprung a water leak such as pooling puddles of water in your floor or an annoying dripping water sound; however, there are also many other signs your plumbing system is leaking. Being aware of these warning signs can prevent your home from water damage and prevent you from paying an expensive water bill.

Warning Sign #1: Noises From Your Pipes

The most obvious sign your plumbing has sprung a leak is when you hear running or dripping water and no one is using it. A toilet, for example, should not be running when no one has used it recently. It also shouldn't sound like someone turned on the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen unless someone actually has.

Keep in mind, this does not exclusively refer to the sound of running or dripping water. There are plenty of other noises the plumbing in your home should not make including tapping, rattling, or pinging. These noises can indicate air is trapped somewhere in the pipes. The pipes should not have air in them. If air leaked into the pipes it is just as likely for water to leak out of them.

Warning Sign #2: Additional Water Usage

Your water bill shouldn't suddenly spike for no apparent reason. Unless you and your family are using significantly more water than you were the previous month, chances are pretty good you have a leak. You can monitor the water usage of your home by keeping an eye on the water meter as well. Turn off anything using water in your home and write down the position of the water meter. Go roughly an hour without using and water and see if the meter is in the same place. If it has moved at all and you have not used any water, it has sprung a leak.

Warning Sign #3: Changes in your Flooring, Walls, and/or Ceilings

Your walls, flooring, and/or ceilings should not get wet, moist, or spongy. These are all signs you have a water leak. Water leaks can also cause wallpaper to discolor or start to peel. If the walls are painted, the paint my bubble or develop soft spots. Spots of mold, mildew, or dry rot are also signs you have a water leak. In addition to fixing the water leak, you will have to repair the portion of the wall, ceiling, or flooring damaged by the mold or mildew.

If you suspect you have a water leak in your plumbing, it is in you and your home's best interest to reach out to a plumber for help. Water damage is not only expensive, but hazardous to your health and the health of everyone in your family. Fortunately, businesses that specialize in plumbing services can help you to make things right.   


5 February 2016

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